Twix. 11 week old Lab Mix
Twix and siblings were born at the shelter. Their mama (mid-size lab mix - smaller 
than a full lab) was rescued one day before she had them. They have all their 
shots through 9 wks (next round due at 16 wks) and they are micro-chipped.

Some of the brothers and sisters have been adopted but some are still looking for 
just the right family. Looking for homes where they can be allowed inside where 
it`s warm and dry. They don`t have thick coats. They are used to playing with a 
lot of siblings and getting handled and hugged frequently by our kids.
Twix - playful (especially with the kids), delicious wrinkles. Needs lots
of love. Gives lots of love.
These sweethearts are available through the Corsicana Animal Shelter but
are being fostered, so please contact the shelter to set up a meeting
For more information, please visit the Corsicana Animal Shelter at 617 S. 12th St.
in Corsicana. 903-654-4928 Open: Mon-Tues-Thurs-Friday: 12-6 pm Saturday: 12-4 pm.